Ode to Spaghetti

imagesCA5CKLD3Oh, glorious Spaghetti; you are the perfect food.

My children all agree that you are yummy. Simply getting my four kids to agree on anything is a feat in itself. For this reason and this reason alone, my dearest Spaghetti, I love you.

But your attributes do not stop there.

Spaghetti you are time-efficient. I can simply buy a jar of pre-made spaghetti sauce. It’s ok! That label says there is a full serving of vegetables so it must be true! You would never lie to me, would you Spaghetti?

Tomatoes from the garden? I can easily make a double batch of sauce and freeze the rest for later. There is nothing like rushing home from work only to find your sweet, frozen sauce ready to be warmed for a quick meal. Oh, Spaghetti! You get me! You really, really get me!

Spaghetti, you are fun! Meatballs; need I say more? No son, those aren’t noodles . . . they’re worms. Yes, it’s fun to eat worms. What, wheat noodles? Noooo . ..they’re dirty worms. Oh yes, Spaghetti . . . you are fun.

Ground beef or ground turkey . . . you do not care, Spaghetti. You’re a very forgiving meal; a versatile meal.

That’s the kind of mom I want to be; forgiving, versatile, loving. That’s the kind of mom I have to be; a Spaghetti Mom.